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Privacy policy

What information we collect

If you create an account, the following information is collected and stored:

Your username and email address must be unique, but does not need to contain any personally identifiable information.

The infrastructure is hosted by and any collected data is securely stored with them, Apart from, no data is shared with any other party.

This site does not track you, and it does not serve advertisements. The webserver logging is limited to errors, without identifying information where possible.

Why we collect this information

All information you provide is used solely to provide relevant functionality on this site.

If you submit resources to the directory, or flag resources, editors will be able to see certain data about your account: your username and account registration date. This is to help with detecting spam accounts.

Your email address will never be displayed publicly. Only admins can access your email address. Your email address will only be used for account recovery purposes, essential announcements (for example, security alerts), or opt-in notifications.


When you login, a cookie is set to identify your session. This cookie is removed when you log out, or when the cookie expires.


All data is stored securely, and your connection to this website is encrypted.

If you have concerns about security, or wish to report a security issue, please email


For any concerns or queries about this policy, please email