Auslan Directory


Auslan Directory is a community collection of resources relating to Auslan or the Australian Deaf community.

The goal of this project is to provide a searchable high quality collection of resources to aid students, researchers, or any interested party. There is functionality to search, filter by tags, and mark or star resources.


The main functionality of this site is on the index page. Here you can search for resources and filter by tags.

If you create an account, you can also use the "mark" and "star" buttons. The search bar has a syntax to allow you to further filter resources by their "marked" or "starred" state.

The naming of "marks" and "stars" is deliberately vague in order to allow you to use them however fits your workflow best. A suggested use is to use "mark" as a way to label resources as already viewed, and "star" to label resources you really liked or want to revisit.

Finally, this is a community collection. If there's a resource you know of that doesn't have an entry in this collection yet, please submit it for inclusion!


A secondary goal is to be a practical example of ultra minimalistic web design. There is no javascript, no ads, no tracking, only the bare minimum of css styling, and a simple html structure. So don't panic if the site looks bare compared to most modern websites!


Please don't scrape this website; scraping uses unnecessary bandwidth and processing. You can download the export.json for a json formatted export of the resources, or contact us if this export doesn't suit your needs.


See also the privacy policy.

The compilation of resources is released under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and is copyright © 2021 Auslan Directory and contributors.

The source code for this website is released under the terms of the AGPL 3.0. The source code, bug tracker, and related discussions can be viewed at ~swalladge/auslan-directory.


Please see the public mailing list (~swalladge/auslan-directory-discuss) for discussions and to give feedback. For security matters, sensitive information, or anything else you wish to say in private, please email

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